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In 2018, two entrepreneurial spirits met with a plan to make a difference, not sure what that would be yet.  Early 2019 we were given an opportunity to look at Vinyl Plank Flooring- although skeptical we were open minded.  Once we educated  ourselves we fell in love with the idea of supplying a durable, affordable flooring to our area.  June 2019, we opened Vinyl Plank 4 Less in Mobile, Alabama, in a small 900 sf show room.  We soon had 3 storage units and was renting space from a local warehouse.  At this point we realized that this was truly a blessing to us and our customers, so we expanded to the Eastern Shore.  We found a warehouse and opened our 2nd store in October 2019, in Spanish Fort, Alabama.  Billy Yates, a veteran and insurance agent and Sondra Yates, a teacher and small business owner and along with our 2 sons continue to run and grow this business. We greatly appreciate all of our family and support we have received on this journey.  

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