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In 2018, two entrepreneurial spirits met with a plan to make a difference, not sure what that would be yet.  Early 2019 we were given an opportunity to look at Vinyl Plank Flooring.  Although skeptical we were open minded.  Once we educated  ourselves, we fell in love with the idea of supplying a durable, affordable flooring to our area.  In June 2019, we opened Vinyl Plank 4 Less in Mobile, Alabama, in a small 900 sf show room.  We soon had 3 storage units and were renting space from a local warehouse.  At this point we realized that this was truly a blessing to us and our customers, so we expanded to the Eastern Shore.  We found a warehouse and opened our 2nd store in October 2019, in Spanish Fort, Alabama.  Billy Yates, a Veteran and insurance agent, and Sondra Yates, a teacher and small business owner, along with friends and family continue to serve our community and offer products we can stand behind. We greatly appreciate all of our family and support we have received on this journey.  

12-Month No Interest Financing Available

Getting new flooring can improve the look of your home like no other home improvement project.  We make that dream a reality by offering interest free payments for up to 12-months.  

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